So, Christmas and the New Year have passed and you can get back to thinking about your business and you can scale it in 2021. Have you heard or thought of local SEO? If you haven’t, you might just be missing out on a solid trick to substantially growing your business.

Could local SEO really help your business to reach new heights? The quick answer is absolutely, but only if it fits your business model. If your business sells offline, local SEO is fundamentally important as it could literally double the customers that walk into your store, office, or workplace.

More importantly, it needs to be done as soon as possible. Why? Because your competitors will certainly do it. They could gather up all the best local leads before you have even begun! If your business does not get a piece of the pie, there may not be any pie left.

Local SEO will help you reach people close to you that are looking to purchase something now. They want somewhere they can go to get what they need and will use the search engines to find that ‘somewhere’. If they don’t find you, they will find that ‘somewhere’, somewhere else. 

How can SEO Consultant Can Help

Any business needs to consistently attract leads if it wants to grow. To achieve this, you should continually optimise and automate how you gain new leads and conversions. For a business that has a reliance on offline sales, local SEO is a simple and effective way to do it.

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You want your website in the face of as many people as possible? Only an experienced SEO consultant with a vast history of success with other clients is going to achieve that in an effective and affordable manner.  

SEO consultants can help you achieve growth for your business by doing the following 3 things:

  • Optimise Your Website to Increase Local Reach

Assuming you have a business website (if not, you really should get one), an SEO consultant will optimise it in such a way that more ‘local’ people will find it. 

When a customer searches for common business terms near to them, they will search for terms such as “Plumber in Birmingham’, or Car Tyres Manchester”. The idea is to optimise your website and its pages to rank for the most common local terms that your customers will search for. 

An SEO consultant will help you rank increasingly higher in the search engines for local searches. The higher you rank, the more leads and conversions you should get.

Remember this key stat: Close to 90% of customers that perform a local search for products or services will either visit or call one or more of the businesses they have found.

  • Develop a Step-by-Step SEO Strategy

Website optimisation is just one part of an SEO development strategy. You need an overall plan, set goals, and a structured strategy to achieve them. Your consultant will put together a phased strategy that will help your business maximise its potential organic reach. 

Depending on the budget you have, how quickly you want to see results, and what your goals are, your SEO consultant will come up with a plan that will get you the best ROI. There are so many facets to search engine optimisation (SEO) and the consultant will know which to use to get you the best results.

Whether that is through optimising your main web pages, developing a blog content plan, coming up with a social media marketing strategy, or acquiring backlinks, your SEO consultant will develop the right strategy for the current needs of your business. 

  • Research and Implement the Right Keywords

Optimising your website and writing a few blog posts on your niche all helps but results will be so much better if you optimise them for the correct keywords. Your SEO consultant will identify the optimal local keywords that your business should be targeting.

They will tell you what pages should target which keywords, how many times you should use those keywords in your content, how long any content should be, and generally come up with a plan that will help your pages rank for those keywords.

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We mentioned ‘Plumber in Birmingham’ earlier, so it would be understandable that you may think that is all you would need to target. How many plumbers in Birmingham do you think target that keyword? It will be competitive, so other local keywords need to be targeted to. Sure, you should still target the most competitive, as you will gradually increase your rankings for it.

Think search phrases such as ‘Birmingham plumbing services’, ‘best plumbers Birmingham’, and so on. There are tons of keywords and phrases of varying competitiveness, and your consultant will find them and implement them as part of your keyword strategy. 

Where to Start with Local SEO Consulting?

Well, there are a few obvious things that you will need. You will not get anywhere without a website for starters and without the hunger and drive to grow, your business will just stagnate. Finally, you need an SEO consultant that understands and excels at local SEO. 

If you are not reaching out to the customers closest to you, they are going to go somewhere else. Over 70% of people that performed a local Google search visited a store within 5 miles of their location. Your business needs to be the one they visit, and this will only happen if you implement a solid local SEO strategy developed by an experienced and successful SEO consultant.

Luckily for you, if you are reading this – you have already found one. 

With over 10 years of digital marketing experience, we have the tools, mindset, skills, and desire to aid the growth of any business, big or small. If you need a local SEO consultant or a team that can help in all other areas of online marketing, we are here to help.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you reach your goals! 

Thanks for reading.