In order to help streamline our process as well as better understand your goals; help us by answering some questions!

    What is your main goal for your online marketing campaigns?

    Is it just to get more clicks, visitors and overall visibility? Or are you looking to target specific customers and get them to convert?

    How much do you typically or are looking to spend on your SEO/Digital marketing campaigns?

    Being aware of a client’s online budget will help us better prepare your campaigns.

    Do you regularly post content on your site?

    Regular blog posts and content can strongly assist with your marketing campaign.

    Have you done any SEO campaigns for your online business in the past?

    Knowledge of any past SEO campaigns can help us see what has been done in the past and lets us know if there is anything we need to fix.

    What is the most important service and/or product that your business wants to advertise/focus on?

    Every business tends to focus on that “one thing” that they are great at. What is yours?

    What benefits from your service and/or product do you want to highlight to potential customers?

    Let your customers know why they should select you.

    Who are your top competitors?

    Provide us with URLs of your competitors, as well as your reasons as to why they are your top competitors.

    Do you have any social media pages already set up for your business?

    Send us your established social media page URLs, so we can see what has been done and get a better feel for your business.