End of the third quarter is just around the corner. Much has happened in the online space over the past few months, with many more future updates to come. Stay up to date with the latest online marketing and SEO news, trends and tip and tricks.

Also, MozCon 2022 happened recently! July 11th – July 13th. Below, we will share with you a recap of what happened during this years MozCon. So, welcome and discover more about Google’s latest updates and changes and keep yourself informed with CBmarketing’s SEO News Bulletin.


Traffic Spike or Spam?

Ever had a situation where your website suddenly has a traffic spike? Before we celebrate, let us take a step back and really make sure that this traffic is…well, “good” traffic.

picture of a traffic spike

“Traffic spike”…get it?

Zoe Ashbridge from Moz.com has a brilliant write up on how you can identify whether your newly found traffic is from genuine users or if it’s all just spam. Learn what metrics to analyse in order to pick out spam and keep your website healthy and untainted. It can be broken down into 4 metrics that you need to look out for:

  1. Average Session Duration
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Pages/Session
  4. New Users

But for those that want to more in detail, you can see in the link below how on she does a brilliant job of simplifying the process into a checklist: https://moz.com/blog/identify-traffic-spam


Top 10 Google Analytics Features

You may have kept up to date with all the latest Google Analytics changes and updates. If you haven’t, well now you know that Google Analytics has undergone quite a lot of changes over the past several months.

Instead of getting all technical, let me share with you a twitter feed from Charles Farina:

Charles does a great job of showcasing his top 10 favourite things you can now do with the latest build of Google Analytics. From being able to set up new custom funnels to a new debugging mode/view. Great tools go a very long way and Google Analytics is always updating to bring us the best tool possible.


Gutenberg 13.7

Who doesn’t love WordPress? I’m writing this article right now via WordPress! Well, they just unveiled their latest cumulative update; Gutenberg 13.7, a new update that is entirely focused on improving the user interface, more workflow and better control over your site edits.

Even though it is arguably the most popular website builder and content management system, WordPress can be a little difficult to use in certain situations. The Gutenberg 13.7 update, whilst technically showing minor updates, it can safely be said that there is a lot of these small changes. And trust me when I say, these updates are not random.

The moving of certain box fields and UI elements that come with this update, definitely seemed researched and intentional. All in an effort to make utility and flow of WordPress, all that much better.

Roger from searchenginejournal does an amazing job of listing some of these new changes for you here in his article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/gutenberg-13-7/458421/#close


MozCon 2022

Aaah Mozcon. For those that don’t know; like ComicCon, but for marketing geeks like us. It’s a event conference that you have to buy tickets for in order to attend. But many people from all over the world attend this conference in search of new knowledge and insight. For those that did not manage to go, you can catch up what you missed out below!

Banner for mozcon 2022


MozCon, which is self described as a summer camp for marketers is…well just that. It is typically held every year and over a few days with this year being held through July 11th to 13th. Of course, a lot was said and done during this conference. From the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation, to more advanced SERP strategies, Advanced On-Page Optimization and everything in between!

Instead of me trying to fit everything into this article, I shall share with you Cheryl’s 3-part recap from moz.com. She does an amazing job of recapping everything and can go into more detail than me (who never went).

Day 1: https://moz.com/blog/mozcon-2022-day-one-recap

Day 2: https://moz.com/blog/mozcon-2022-day-two-recap

Day 3: https://moz.com/blog/mozcon-2022-day-three-recap

And that concludes this News Bulletin article. Want to learn more or see what other news and information you can acquire? Look through some of our older news bulletins and articles!

Or stay tuned and we shall see you in our next article. Peace!