Are you familiar with the concept of White Label services? A business concept where an individual or a business develops products and/or offer their services but under a different companies branding.

So, what exactly is it and how can an individual and/or a business benefit from such services? Well, white labeling is basically a term, for when a business does work and services under a different business’s brand. For example, let’s say you have a company of digital marketers, who have all the tools and knowledge they require to carry out their work. You know someone who starts up a website creation and maintenance company. Both are related to IT, but both are still different industries. One is marketing and the other is all to do with websites building and maintaining.

The one with the website creation business may end up with clients that want to also do some digital marketing for their business and/or product. But they lack the digital marketing expertise, as well as the tools to efficiently carry out marketing projects and tasks.

What can the team of website builders do in this situation? Of course, they can refer their client to another team or company that deals with digital marketing. But that would mean they would be losing out on potential business from the client and in this day and age, most clients typically prefer a one-stop service when it comes to their online needs.

white label services

This is where White Label Services come into play! Instead of referring the client to someone else, the website building team tells the client that they can indeed handle all of their digital marketing needs. But in reality, they employ the services of the digital marketing company and pass it off as their very own service. Both companies make money, and the end client benefits from having experts in their respective fields handle their side of business. Win-win right? So, again; here’s a recap:

  • Business A has a service or a product.
  • Business B uses the services and/or product of Business A and rebrands it to fit their needs and/or appearance.
  • Business C buys the service and/or product of Business B, but technically the service and/or product is a white label product of Business A.

Of course, it can be a lot more complicated than this, but this is basically how white label services work. In the rest of this article we will explore the finer details and benefits of white label services.

The Benefits of White Label Services

Okay, now that we have an understanding of what white label services are, let’s get into the details of how and why it is beneficial to you and your business. Or why it might be worth you doing your own white label services!

Perhaps one of the more common reasons as to why people like to utilise white label services, is due to the fact that it is very cost-effective. Instead of hiring employees to carry out a task that clients may or may not want from your business (which would mean you’re paying a salary to someone to carry out a service that you might not need all the time), you would essentially be paying for the white label service to carry out that task for you. This can be very cost-effective instead of employing someone in-house.

white label cost effecient

Experience and Expertise
Employing the services of a white label business means that instead of hiring professionals in a specific field yourself, you have the potential to utilise the experienced professionals of said white label service. This is due to the reason that these professionals tend to focus on the few things that they do and have been doing it for a very long time.

It saves you from having to go out and try to find a particular professional in a specific field. Thus saving you time as well as money.

Dedicated Tools
In the online world, good dedicated tools for your job is a must! Whether that’s accounting software, SEO tools or just good old Microsoft office, the tools you use in the digital world is of the upmost importance. We all know that in the digital space, having a good and the right tool for the job can make your life so much easier. But you probably also know that having a good dedicated tool can be very expensive as most software and tools have moved to a subscription fee business model.

That means that you can no longer just buy a tool and use it forever, but rather you will probably end up paying for it either monthly or yearly. Not so great if you don’t really need it all the time, right? Well, the white label services do use it all the time. So, instead of picking it up yourself, let the experienced experts and their dedicated tools do the job for you!

And everything that we have talked about. All of the services and products that the white label service companies provide to you and your clients, they do not usually take credit for. Of course, it’s not always the case and you should come to an agreement before hand. But generally, you pay for a white label service and rebrand their service to fit your branding and clients needs. Meaning that the client is none the wiser when it comes to who actually is providing the product and/or service, and you can take the credit for it!

This may help boost your sales and reputation, as the client will see that they can get everything they need from you and your team.


I have personally both used and provided white label services through out my career. And I believe that there are much more benefits than detriments when it comes to using (and/or providing) white label products and services. You end up saving a lot of time, headaches and potentially cash. It’s typically a win-win-win scenario for you and the white label business as well as for the client! Cause if everything is done right and goes well, then everybody gets what they want.

So, if you’re ever in need of some SEO white label services. You know to contact us at CBMarketing!