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As we all know, Google recently had a core update. But every time they release a core update, what’s exactly changed or had been updated isn’t always fully explained. Usually Google will send out a short summary tweet without going into much detail. Luckily, we have an article here from Amsive Digital.

The article brilliantly goes into depth on what we got from the Google July Core Update and even ranks and lists out for us the “winners” and “losers” of the core update, helping us to quickly differentiate on the changes without having to spend ages ourselves going through the Google webmaster blog article. Fantastic help by Amsive.

Googles tweet of july core update


Since we’re on the subject of Google, let me share with you another piece of Google news and updates. Or rather in this case, what we can do about any future updates that Google plans on rolling out. The one I’m talking about is their plan to block all 3rd party cookies in 2023.

For those that are still a bit lost or don’t know too much about why Google blocking all 3rd party cookies is such a big deal, here’s a brilliant 30-second summary by searchenginewatch.

summary text regarding google cookies

You can read the rest of article by searchenginewatch to help find out about how this may affect your digital campaigns and projects and what you can come to expect:

And some additional insight by Vox as well know cookies have been a major part of online activity since almost forever! You can never too much information:

Continuing on the Google news trend; Google’s tool that allows you to report indexing bugs is now available in the United States!

Originally announced as a pilot program back in April of this year, the Report Indexing tool is now available to all signed in search console accounts within the U.S. This is definitely a massive step forward and great help for those that are trying to resolve their index issues.

indexing report form by google

Google’s tool to report indexing bugs is now available in the U.S.

Okay, enough of Google news and updates for now…well kind of. Let’s talk about Youtube. Ever since Google acquired YouTube back in October 2006 they have always tried their best to make sure the online video streaming platform assists it’s creators in the best way possible.

And that usually comes by in the form of feature updates! Both for viewers as well as content creators. Well the latest creator update from Youtube consists of:

  • Improved realtime cards
  • An inbox for channel mentions
  • Hashtag autocomplete suggestions

I understand not all of the readers may be familiar with the YouTube content creation side of things, so here’s the article link that goes into much further detail on each feature update: